Sports watches could help you keep your fitness resolutions

First published: 08-01-2013

Everyone knows that gyms tend to be packed to the rafters in January when people make outlandish fitness resolutions, but they do always seem to empty out somewhat by about February.

However, you could get a little help with sticking to your weight loss goals if you invest not in a personal trainer, but in one of our sports watches with GPS technology.

These were recommended by Technobob for anyone who wants to get active and stay that way.

"They have plenty of uses, especially if you run or cycle. Keeping track of your workout is one of the best features," the blog explained.

It particularly recommended those that have active navigation and quick links to satellites for anyone who is worried about getting lost on a ramble, while an easy-to-operate style is useful.

A low-glare screen and tech with which to measure time, distance, speed and calories burnt were other features recommended in the article.

There are lots of brands to choose from, but we find Casio watches usually fit the bill and come in at a very reasonable price.


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