Sports equipment company branching out into watches

First published: 02-03-2012

A sports equipment company has announced it is to start creating timepieces that can be worn while people are training.

Asics has stated it is to branch out into sports watches with the production of a watch that will be hitting the shelves during spring 2012.

The timepieces have been made with athletes in mind and have a design that fits easily and comfortably to the wrist, while the buttons used to control the device are large and easy to access even while moving.

The LCD display screen has been made to be as wide as possible to fit into the size of the watch face, making it clear and straightforward to read.

It has been designed in a range of colours to appeal to as many sporty people as possible.

A number of new watches appear to be coming on to the market ahead of major sporting events such as the London Marathon and the Olympics, with a company in the US releasing a timepiece that offers rewards for meeting training targets. 


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