Space expert develops true timekeeping masterpiece

First published: 06-11-2009

In an effort to go completely old-school with timekeeping, one man has avoided traditional watches and instead opted to create a clock which tells the time in the truest way possible.

Christopher Leslie, a former planner with the International Space Station mission control team at NASA, has studied the way time has been kept over the centuries and created a clock which not only lacks the hands of a watch, but also turns anti-clockwise.

The aptly named Truth Timepiece shows people "how time is actually kept" according to ancient principles laid out by the likes of Galileo and Copernicus, though also draws on the experiences of civilisations such as the Egyptians.

He concluded that Humans are fundamentally flawed in their approach to keeping time, noting that our modern method is wrong as it operates on the basis that the universe is anthropocentric, meaning the sun revolves around Earth.

It follows a recent blurb by the Bright Side of News' Darleen Hartley, who asserted that mobile phones and computers are replacing watches as timepieces, meaning companies are going to some lengths to combine these technologies with watches.


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