Snowboarder teams up with Casio for new G-SHOCK watch

First published: 22-10-2013

Casio has teamed up with world-class snowboarder Louie Vito to launch a new watch as part of its G-SHOCK range.

The brand is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and is celebrating in part by releasing the new signature GLS8900LV-2 model.

As well as being water and shock-resistant, the timepiece offers low temperature resistance - which Casio says makes it the "perfect on-mountain watch".

Louie Vito is a medallist at the Winter Olympics and a champion in the US Grand Prix and X Games. He has also competed in the reality TV show Dancing With The Stars.

The sportsman's LV signature is displayed prominently in bright blue on the watch's black band and its case back.

Its case comes in a deep indigo colour and has a reverse LCD display which gives it better visibility when in bright conditions.

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