Smaller Ebel Classic Hexagon watch announced

First published: 26-08-2010

Watch wearers who own an Ebel Classic Hexagon but feel that it may be just a little on the large side may be interested in a new version.

That is because the company has cut the face diameter down from the original's 45.5mm to 41mm, with the simple name of the Ebel Classic Hexagon 41mm.

It is not just the name that is easy to understand, though, with the company adding that "the beautifully understated dial, with its large date display, opts for the simplicity of three hands rather than indulging in aesthetic excess".

All in all, it makes for a timepiece that fans would be happy to wear. The features inside the face are appealing and include a choice of a black or silver-coloured galvanic dial and the three o'clock area being dominated by a large date display.

The watch is finished off with a stainless steel case and either a black or brown leather strap.

A variety of Ebel Classic Hexagon's have being manufactured in the past, including a special edition model to commemorate the watchmaker's partnership with German football giants Bayern Munchen, Mens Watches Guide recently reported.


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