Sinn 103 St Sa 'offers positive design features'

First published: 25-10-2010

Those interested in purchasing a new timepiece may want to check out a product from Sinn, after it gained a positive review.

Called the Sinn 103 St Sa, the watch has been awarded a score of 64.5 out of 100 by The Watch Observer, with the reviewer pointing to a few design elements for this decision.

Many of these positive features come within the 41 millimetre case, which is designed with a black matt dial, as well as having luminova applied to the hands and markers to make the watch practical in the dark as well as in daylight.

Finishing off the 103 St Sa are a stainless steel case and strap and a water resistance of 200 metres, making this watch ideal to wear both on a night-out or when taking a trip to a swimming pool.

Meanwhile, those with an interest in diving more than just going to a swimming pool may want to check out the Yema 300m Diver, which has been regarded as "a thoughtful and thoroughly useful interpretation of the modern digital dive watch", according to Watch Report.


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