Singapore watch heist maestro gets nine years jail time

First published: 05-10-2009

A former employee of Cortina Watch in Singapore has been handed a lengthy jail sentence for his lone part in a watch heist on Christmas Day last year.

The Straits Times of the city-state revealed to the world that Jerry Ee would get nine years for the attempted theft of £3.61 million of watches, which amounted to no less than 392 designer-branded timepieces.

Highlighting the tough stance the Singaporean court takes on such situations, Judge Chia Wee Kiat argued that a stiff sentence was needed to avoid another example of the "most blatant and audacious acts of criminal breach of trust ever committed by an employee".

Judge Chia continued: "The need to curb this proclivity for criminal activities means that the imposition of a deterrent sentence is all the more necessary."

It follows a lengthy chase of Ee, who handed himself in at the Singapore embassy in Thailand in March after going on the run for three months.

Timepiece thieves in the UK are still on the run after a gang has been linked to the removal of a historic £50,000 sundial from the Dalemain estate in Penrith, as well as a Thomas Tompion antique table clock worth £200,000 from Levens Hall near Kendal.


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