Shoes and watches are 'most important items' for a man

First published: 23-03-2011

Men can improve their style by investing in shoes and watches, according to a fashion expert.

Kunle Bakare, speaking to the Sunday Tribune, said that people can tell how "finicky" someone is by their accessories.

However, this does not mean that men have to be slaves to material things, Mr Bakare added.

"It's not about the name sometimes, it's the beauty of what goes into making it [the watch] rather than the price. However, when you get older, you will want to buy expensive watches that you will wear all the time," he stated.

The fashion expert went on to pick out Storm watches, along with a number of luxury Swiss brands as an example of what people should be wearing.

Recently, Storm watches released a new product range, as it looks to "tap demand for bold, bright colours", according to Professional Builder.

The source picked out the Cerano timepiece, which is part of the Black Ladies collection.


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