Sherlock Holmes powers rise in fob watch sales

First published: 22-01-2010

A recent blockbuster movie directed by Guy Ritchie has brought about a major boom in sales of the fob watch, according to an expert in the industry.

Fob watches have been boosted in popularity since their inclusion on Sherlock Holmes, a new report for Retail Jeweller has concluded, with pocket timepieces being in heavy demand from a number of stores, including Ernest Jones, a high-street jewellery chain.

Ron Jones, an expert for the company, said that one of the film's many publicity posters features Jude Law in his full outfit and showing the chains of his fob watch looping into the pockets of his waistcoat.

He continued: "It seems to be a well-liked look at the moment, perhaps because it suggests a certain attitude of elegance and style along with the rest of the outfit."

Sherlock Holmes, last year's release, was met with mixed reviews though generally positive, with box office sales being very impressive, nearly making four times the money spent on its production.


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