Shapes and styles of Seksy watches 'make for ideal purchase'

First published: 16-08-2010

Female watch wearers are being advised that purchasing a Seksy watch could be a worthy investment.

The dynamic shapes offered across the range, including a wave effect from the 4274 Seksy watch, may create an elegant appeal, while a glam look could be achieved by wearing a 4278 Seksy watch, as diamante stones grace an entire side of this product, the Shade Style Blog has reported.

Meanwhile, those wanting to create a unique look are advised to go for the 4192 or 4197 Seksy watches. The former offering consumers a watch that could also be accessorised to look more like the consumer is wearing a bangle, whereas the latter sports a look more fashioned towards a bracelet.

The blogger said: "Seksy watches are one of the most trendy, sophisticated and glamorous brand of watches out there and are perfect for every fashionista who likes to inject the wow factor into her everyday look."

Seksy watches, which are an extension of the Sekonda brand, are also available in a variety of shades of colours, with touches of gold, silver and black included within the range.


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