Selecting watches 'about more than just looks'

First published: 02-09-2011

When selecting a new watch, many people will take into account more than just what the timepiece looks like, according to one expert in the field.

Commenting on the growth of the watch sector in recent times, James Gurney, editor of specialist watch magazine QP, told the Daily Telegraph that since the publication launched in 2003, he has found that many people are looking for reasons to buy timepieces beyond the simple default options.

He noted that since there has been a huge rise in the level of brands and products which are on the market, it has become more important to select a product for more than just its appearance.

"People have become more and more interested in the stories behind the brands, the designers and the watchmakers involved and, as a result, are increasingly appreciative of and knowledgeable about watches as a whole," Mr Gurney said.

Those looking for impeccable timekeeping could be planning to buy a men's TX watch, with the brand noting that it is a precision instrument.  


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