Selecting a watch for the beach

First published: 07-07-2016

Bright water with beautiful beach at Koh Kood island, Thailand

With summer holiday season upon us, it's time to think about the right watch for the beach. Ideally you want a watch that looks great, is waterproof, and hardy enough to survive the sand.

So what does a waterproof watch look like? While many watches claim to be immune to the sea, there are different levels of water-resistance, measured based on depth.

Water resistance is often measured in metres:
  • 30m: Can be exposed to the rain and mild splashes from washing your hands or paddling.
  • 50m: Can endure showering and swimming, but only for a short while.
  • 100m: Lets you swim and snorkel while wearing your watch.
  • 200m: Can partake in extreme water sports, like surfing, kayaking, and recreational diving.
  • 250m+: You can scuba dive while wearing your watch - it's the most watertight a watch can get.
Now you know what you're looking for, depending on your own requirements. We've collated some of the best beach-friendly watches for you to choose from, so you're ready for your next trip to the seaside.

For everyone

The Ironman Classic 30 from Timex is the ideal watch for active beach goers.

 Timex Unisex Ironman Classic 30 Alarm Chronograph Watch2

Known for dependability, this Timex is built to survive the tough conditions of the sand and sea. The plastic resin case is attached to a quick-drying, black fabric strap.

The black and grey colour scheme is enhanced with a pop of lime green, and its lightweight build makes this an extremely wearable piece.

The Ironman Classic 30 is far from a one-trick pony, providing the wearer with the date, an alarm, and a timekeeping function. The case and iconic five-button design are sealed for water resistance, and it can be worn up to 100m deep - making it suitable for snorkelling and swimming.

The fresh design of the Lacoste Borneo watch makes it a great choice for beach style, as well as practicality.

Lacoste Unisex Borneo Watch

Made from stainless steel and fitted with a waterproof rubber strap, this watch is water resistant up to 100m - meaning you can freely snorkel or swim with it on your wrist.

Lacoste pride themselves in creating crisp, sporty products and this watch definitely fits the bill. The corresponding white dial and strap contrast fantastically with the bright-green detailing on the clock face, and the classic crocodile logo.

For men

This bold timepiece from Breo is perfect for the serious sea lover.

Breo Men's Pressure Orange Watch

The Breo Pressure features a resin case and the rubber strap means this watch dries easily. These materials definitely aren't too delicate for the toll of sand and salt!

200m water resistance makes this watch perfect for surfers, and for anyone who enjoys other high-impact water-sports or recreational diving.

Fitted with a Japanese quartz movement, you can depend on this watch for time accuracy - even underwater. It's bright and distinctive, the perfect watch for the outgoing and active (and it's available in other standout colours too).

The G-Shock Mudman from Casio is a fantastic timepiece for the beach - especially if lying on a sunbed for hours isn't your idea of fun.

Casio Men's G-Shock Mudman Alarm Chronograph Watch

This solid watch is dust resistant, so can easily combat sand at the beach. The stainless steel and resin case are designed to be mud-resistant, while the case and buttons are sealed to prevent anything from getting in.

It's also water resistant to 200m, meaning it can be worn while surfing, diving (to 200m), swimming, snorkelling, and anything else that takes your fancy in the waves.

The movement of the watch is Tough Solar, meaning it is recharged by both natural and artificial light. It also has a thermometer, compass, stopwatch, alarm, and countdown timer.

With durability at the heart of its design, the G-Shock Chronograph Mudman is more than just your average timepiece.

For ladies

The Flower watch from Ice-Watch is a fantastic accessory for summertime, especially at the beach.

Ice-Watch Ladies' Ice Flower Small Watch

The floral dial is designed to go perfectly with bright summer outfits and swimsuits. The delicate purple strap makes this a subtle timepiece, too, while building upon your signature seasonal style.

The rubber strap and plastic resin case are created with waterproofing in mind - they'll dry quickly as you move from sea to sun lounger - plus this watch is water resistant to 100m, meaning it can be worn while swimming and snorkelling.

The Henry London Holborn watch is thoroughly splashproof, and is the perfect paddling accompaniment.

Henry London Ladies' Holborn Watch

It may be petite but don't underestimate it; its impressive functionality pairs with gorgeous design. The Milanese mesh bracelet shapes to the contours of the wrist, and attaches to a PVD gold plated case, which encases a deep red dial. The elongated second hand gives a sweeping effect as the seconds tick away.

The domed lens on the watch accentuates the domed dial, giving it a distinctive look and feel - perfect for the beach.

For children

If you're looking for a children's watch that can survive sandcastle building, wave hopping, and fish spotting, the Limit Children's Active Watch can be your answer.

Limit Children's Active Watch

With 100m water resistance, this watch is great for kids on the go on holiday and can withstand swimming, snorkelling and, of course, being showered down afterwards.

This white model with bright blue detailing is a great look for summertime, and the black full figures on the dial are easy to read. Limit do a whole range of waterproof children's watches in a number of colours - ideal for any young beach enthusiast in your life.

The plastic/resin case is waterproof, as is the rubber strap. It's adjustable too - perfect for small wrists, and adaptable so kids can wear it continuously as they grow.

No matter whether you're at the beach to sunbathe, paddle, or surf, there's a waterproof watch that fits the bill - helping you to keep track of the time as you make your future favourite summer memories!


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