Seksy watches are 'perfect party piece'

First published: 18-11-2009

A leading source on watches has emphasised how Seksy watches are exactly that - irresistibly attractive to the average fashionista, it is believed.

The use of such things as Swarovski diamante crystals does not go unnoticed by Shade Station's blog, which went into detail about the jewellery-esque qualities of the brand which delivers consistently unconventional designs without being gaudy or attention-seeking.

It continued: "Seksy watches are the perfect brand to be seen in for the party season as that sense of unique Seksy sparkle adds the wow factor to your daytime look and will complement your favourite evening party dress."

The source added that if a person is "typically girly" or just a huge fan of having accessories that look both feminine and edgy, Seksy watches are a necessity for any fashion-loving individual.

Seksy is a division of Sekonda watches, aiming itself specifically at catwalk lovers around the UK and beyond.


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