Seiko watches 'define elegance and craftsmanship'

First published: 21-10-2010

Those who invest in a Seiko timepiece have been told that they will be getting a watch which screams elegance and craftsmanship, according to an expert.

John Reardon, writing for, said that he recently visited the firm in Japan, and was "shocked" to learn of the breadth of products which it produces.

"Within the company's horological DNA, first came mechanical clocks and watches, then quartz watches, digital watches, kinetic, spring drive, and most recently radio watches," he said.

Mr Reardon went on to say that from these watch making technologies, Seiko branched out into producing all different types of new goods, including LCD televisions.

He went on to say that since 1881, the firm has had an uninterrupted history, turning it into a world-renowned brand.

Recently, it was revealed that Seiko is launching a series of limited edition watches in order to celebrate its 50th anniversary of the Grand Seiko standard.


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