Seiko unveil solar-powered watches

First published: 08-10-2010

Watch fans will soon be able to get hold of some new Seiko products which operate on solar power.

Called the Seiko Solar collection, the timepieces "are charged for a whole day with just two minutes of exposure to any kind of light", according to Professional Jeweller.

Even more impressive is the claim that the watches in the range can last up to a minimum of six months in total darkness when fully-charged, which only takes around three hours.

A wide variety of timepieces can be chosen too, for those intrigued in these models, with ten men's watches and nine women's all available, each with the Solar logo marked on the dial to illustrate this collection more.

Another feature of each dial is that the manufacturer, which was first formed by K Hattori in 1881, has been able to design a host of colours to them, including blue, black or white.

This was not possible in the past as watch companies had to design semi-transparent dials in order for the solar function to work, but this has been solved thanks to advanced technology used by Seiko.


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