Seiko reveals Active Matrix EPD

First published: 12-10-2010

Watch fans looking for a product which offers incredible accuracy, and a host of features providing much more than the current time, may be interested in a new Seiko model.

Called the Active Matrix EPD, the timepiece uses a 300 dpi high-resolution display, meaning that graphics will be easy to see on the product's face, Watch Time reports.

Furthermore, "the time signals it receives are accurate to within one second in every 30 million years", meaning that, if these figures are to be believed, the time given on this watch should be really reliable.

A self-recharging solar battery is also used in this model, so buyers will never need to worry about hunting for a new battery.

Plus, this technology is capable of activating a sleep mode if kept in darkness for 72 hours, which will allow it to keep the correct time and a radio signal if awoken within a lengthy three years.

The timepiece measures at a substantial 45.5 by 46.0-millimetres and is finished in either full stainless steel or stainless steel with a gold-tone or black coating, according to A Blog To Read.


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