Seiko CEO awarded Blue Ribbon medal

First published: 14-05-2014

The chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of Seiko has been given the Blue Ribbon medal by the Japanese government.

Shinji Hattori's contribution to the reputation of the watch industry has been recognised, as well as the length of his service, according to Retail Jeweller.  

Such an accolade is awarded when someone has made an "important contribution" that is in the benefit of the general public. Alternatively, it is handed out when an individual has made "remarkable efforts in service" to society in education, medicine, welfare or industry.

Mr Hattori has prioritised always being innovative with technology and, since he has been at the helm, Seiko's global prestige as one of the world's best vertically-integrated producers of watches has risen. 

The CEO thanked everyone who had backed him while he had been in this leadership role at the Japanese company and pledged to continue being a pioneer in the industry. 


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