Seiko Astron 'will help the Middle East understand the brand'

First published: 03-01-2014

Watchmaker Seiko is apparently aiming to extend its reach into the high-end of the market in the United Arab Emirates through the introduction of its Astron models.

Khaleej Times reports that the company's regional general manager Harumitsu Akashi sees the range as key to helping Middle-Eastern consumers understand "all aspects of the Seiko brand".

Astron watches are the world's first solar-powered GPS timepieces and Seiko has hinted that this technology may be used in future models in other ranges.

"When fully charged, once a day, the Seiko Astron receives time signals automatically and on demand, connects to four or more of the GPS satellites that orbit the earth," Mr Akashi explained.

He added that the watch can then use that satellite connection to "pinpoint" its location, before setting an accurate local time.

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