Saint Honore reveals Haute Couture Collection

First published: 14-12-2010

An elegant watch range by Saint Honore could provide a perfect gift for that special someone this Christmas.

Entitled the Saint Honore Haute Couture Collection, the timepieces included are aimed squarely at women's hearts, with many elements to take their breath away, according to Watch Luxus.

Consumers will get the choice between two diamond-studded designs, either the Haussman or Orsay models – with both offering plenty to attract attention.

The Orsay version opts for numbers which sparkle in rich diamonds, which are placed uniquely out of centre from the dial.

"The minutes pass, the seconds tick by and the monogram provides the ultimate pleasure in watching the time go by," according to the news source.

Meanwhile, those deciding that they would rather have the Haussman model will be treated to a modern case – blushing in sparkle – as well as an elegant mother-of-pearl dial from Saint Honore, a watchmaker which has been in the industry since 1885.


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