Saddam Hussein features on ageing watch gift

First published: 15-01-2010

Something Saddam Hussein gave as gifts as well as an item available in the Iraqi market during his tenure has arisen, and will likely raise the eyebrows of many watch fans.

Saddam was a big fan of watches, Hodinkee explained, pointing to a £124,000 diamond and gold Rolex he always used to wear, though a rather cheaper timepiece was available to his followers and featured something that will bemuse many: a picture of the smiling leader's head and shoulders.

The source said it will likely come as no surprise that he had a few manufacturers in on "tributes to his own face", though the Eterna watch really doesn't fail to surprise.

Commenting on the overall look of the timepiece, Hodinkee said: "Today we have found a very rare, very interesting, and very ugly Eterna that was produced for Saddam to give to his commanding officers.

"This custom-made Eterna is all original, and the picture of Saddam on the dial is not after-market, Eterna themselves produced it in their factory."

Saddam Hussein made the headlines recently after a new book accused Sarah Palin of believing the former Iraqi leader to be behind the September 11th attacks, as well as going on to accuse her of being mentally unstable.


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