Rotary watches sees 18% rise in sales

First published: 22-09-2011

The popularity of Rotary watches appears to be on the increase after it announced sales revenues had increased by 18 per cent during the first six months of the year.

This rise in sales brings the total revenue of the company to June 30th 2011 to £12 million, which shows a strong increase in business for the 125-year-old British company, the Financial Times reported.

While its domestic sales have been doing well - with three-quarters coming from independent jewellery stores around the country - the company has also seen a strong improvement in international sales, which increased 66 per cent.

It was noted that the brand is performing particularly well in locations such as South Africa, Canada and the Middle East.

Victoria Campbell, chief executive with Rotary, said the brands family values had created trust with the consumer.

As well as producing classic watch designs, Rotary is also known for creating sports models like the Aquaspeed range.  


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