Rotary watches ''leading the way''

First published: 22-06-2010

Rotary watches is one of the leaders in the sector, with many other manufacturers taking heed of its styles, a website has noted.

The watches are both "authentic and efficient", noted, showcasing the best of what 21st century watch making has to offer.

Pieces have adapted to the changing times and people are generally glad to be wearing a Rotary watch on their wrist, the article suggested.

Wearers can be safe in the knowledge that their timepiece is well-made and will withstand the odd knock or scrape, or even being submerged in water, the piece emphasised.

Earlier this month, hailed Rotary watches for their combination of both style and affordability, pointing out that they appeal to a wide range of consumers.

As they come with a number of different price tags, there is sure to be a model to suit virtually every budget, the website suggested.


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