Rotary watches 'benefiting from international trend'

First published: 27-09-2011

Rotary watches are currently seeing a big boost in their sales which has been put down to the amount of trust which both British and international customers have in the brand.

Commenting on the success of the company in recent months, Victoria Campbell, chief executive of Rotary Watches, said that research has shown that consumer confidence is at rock bottom and this is coming from a lack of trust in the brands themselves.

However, she said that companies which are offering a trusted product are seeing success, which is what is happening for Rotary.

"Where most consumers are making any discretionary purchase decisions, they are doing so with brands that are well known, trusted and offer great value for money," Ms Campbell added, noting that this is translating into sales around the world.

Figures released earlier this month by the company showed that sales have been particularly strong recently in Canada, the Middle East and South Africa, as well as in the UK.  


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