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Parent company of Rotary purchased by Hong-Kong firm

Posted: 15-04-2014

An agreement has been reached for China Haidian to purchase the Dreyfuss Group for £27 million.

Rotary watches appreciated by travellers

Posted: 16-01-2013

People going on holiday are often tempted to buy designer watches.

Rotary watches to launch in India

Posted: 06-02-2012

Rotary watches is poised to be launched to a new market as the company announces expansion plans into India.

Rotary watches 'benefiting from international trend'

Posted: 27-09-2011

The growth in sales for Rotary watches is down to the company having a strong heritage of quality and style, which is internationally renowned.

Rotary watches sees 18% rise in sales

Posted: 22-09-2011

British manufacturer Rotary watches has announced an 18 per cent rise in its sale revenues for the first six months of this year.

Rotary Watches rewards airline staff

Posted: 13-07-2010

A couple of airline staff have been rewarded with timepieces from Rotary Watches.

Rotary watches ''leading the way''

Posted: 22-06-2010

Many watch manufacturers are following the lead of Rotary with their designs, it has been suggested.

Rotary watches ''affordable yet stylish''

Posted: 08-06-2010

Rotary watches have a great deal of class and are sure not to break the bank, it has been revealed.

Style-conscious people ''must choose Rotary watches''

Posted: 28-05-2010

Rotary watches are key items for anyone who is conscious about their sense of style.

Rotary watches ''a great gift idea''

Posted: 19-05-2010

Anyone wondering what to buy the man in their life should consider a Rotary watch.

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