Rotary Watches partner with female powerboat star

First published: 14-01-2010

Rotary Watches will adorn the wrist of the leading female racer in powerboating following her announcement of a new sponsor for the 2010 season as she goes forward with her third Powerboat P1 World Championship campaign.

The timepiece company has taken on the role of main partner sponsor for Shelley Jory-Leigh from Southampton, as she embarks upon her 2010 Supersport campaign, which she hopes will be will be third time lucky this year with the support of such a high profile organisation, Cowes Online revealed.

"In powerboat racing timing is everything, a split second decision can win or lose you a race, so who better to have on board as a sponsor than world renowned watch makers Rotary," she said.

"Their new range of unisex contemporary sports watches, Rotary Aquaspeed, is perfect for me whilst racing."

Managing director of the Dreyfuss Group Victoria Campbell said the company is extremely pleased to sponsor Shelley throughout 2010, adding that this is the first time in a few years that the company has entered into a sponsorship agreement with a sportsperson.

All Rotary Aquaspeed models are waterproof and have the Rotary Lifetime Guarantee as standard.


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