Rose gold watches 'becoming popular for men'

First published: 02-09-2013

When it comes to fashion, men are increasingly having more of a say over what they like, as big names including David Beckham, Robert Pattinson and David Gandy lead the way in the style stakes.

While a significant number of guys still adopt a rather simple and fuss-free approach to the way they dress, many choose to be a little bit more risque about their outfit selection, enjoying the attention they receive from standing out from the crowd.

But not only are males around the world paying more attention to their outfits than ever before, they are also being more selective when it comes to choosing the right jewellery and accessories to complement their look.

Rose gold watches are becoming an increasingly popular choice for guys, with brands including Michael Kors and Diesel proving an in-demand option for fashion-conscious fellas.

The trend comes after the precious metal became a must-have style for fashion-conscious women in recent years, with ladies now preferring a more masculine and chunky style of watch, rather than their elegant and low-key alternatives.


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