Rolex releases the New Explorer timepiece

First published: 21-09-2010

Luxury watch maker Rolex has announced a new variety of its Explorer timepiece, with improvements which should satisfy fans of the company.

The New Explorer is said to be an improved version of the original model, which was simply called Explorer, according to Hodinkee.

It definitely features a larger case, up from 36 millimetres to a considerably sized 39 millimetres, so watch wearers should have no problem reading the time.

Features within the dial are also a sight to behold, with the black dial providing a backdrop for the elegant-looking markers and hands, which are designed using solid chrome and are luminescent.

Similar features to the original model are that water resistance for this fresh timepiece measures in at a maximum of 100 metres, making it ideal to wear when in a swimming pool or by the sea, while an oyster bracelet gives the New Explorer a rich finishing.


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