Rolex Milgauss a 'very comfortable' watch

First published: 10-01-2011

Watch fans may be interested in a timepiece from Rolex which looks to combine classicism with some unique touches.

Entitled the Milgauss 116400, some of the most eye-catching features of the product can be found on its dial, earning it a score of 71 out of 100 by Watch Observer.

Some of these elements include touches of orange across the face, including on the lightning bolt-shaped seconds hands, as well as white gold indexes and an engraving of Milgauss under the traditional Rolex logo.

Fashion watch enthusiasts may be interested to know that this Rolex timepiece weighs in at 157g, which is considerably more than the brand's Submariner (134g) and Cosmograph Daytona (138g) products, but the news source assures that wearing this model is still "very comfortable".

The timepiece is appealing during the day and night too, with Watch Observer noting: "At night, or if you're in a faintly lit nightclub or bar, the Superluminova of the indexes and hands, now green-glowing, will efficiently light up your wrist."

The slightly lighter Rolex Cosmograph Daytona also received a positive review from Watch Observer recently, with the news source applauding the timepiece's case and dial as "excellent".


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