Roger Dubuis presents the Excalibur Lady

First published: 29-06-2011

Fashionistas are sure to be bowled over with joy when they glimpse a new Roger Dubuis timepiece.

The Excalibur Lady is designed exclusively for female watch fans and comes complete with a range of attractive elements.

For example, the dial's design is sure to catch the eye of consumers, especially due to the fact that the Roman numerals featured on it are stretched across each position.

These digits are made even more elegant due to the fact that they lie on a satin sunburst dial, while a white-gold, steel or rose-gold dial presents even more richness to the timepiece's design.

Women who opt to purchase the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Lady will also be able to choose to have the watch styled either with or without a dazzling array of diamonds.

Another device from the watchmaking brand which could also tempt a buy is the Excalibur Double Tourbillon, which uses a double flange design to create a dial that shows off the entire inner workings of the ticker.


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