'Retro resurgence' being seen for watches

First published: 31-10-2011

Fashionable shoppers who are looking for the latest designs in watches have been advised to look for those timepieces which take strong influence from the past.

While watches compete with more modern forms of technology for the primary method people use to tell the time, the design of the watches themselves is starting to look more old fashioned.

Offering his opinion on the emerging trends for watches, Drew from WatchesandReviews.com stated that designs influenced by the past are what people need to look out for.

The website editor explained that there is something of a "retro resurgence" taking place in terms of style.

He said that while many manufacturers are looking to keep producing their "bread and butter" designs, when they branch out into something more stylish it is the watches from their past collections which are serving as inspiration.

Some of the larger brands have been particularly noted for seeking to create watches that could have come from collections first purchased by the parents or even the grandparents of modern shoppers.

"In recent years there has been a run on retro or representations of watches of years past," the watches expert explained.

"Some of the more well-known brands include Omega's Ploprof, Tag Heuer's Monaco and the Rolex Milgauss."

The horologist added though that watch buyers need to keep in mind that whatever timepiece they choose needs to fit in with their personal style and wardrobe, as it can be a great way to project a lot about a someone's individuality.

While some people may like this trend for retro designs, some may prefer to wear watches that have a very modern look to them.

A timepiece which may appeal to these people is the new Turbine LED watch which has been created by Tokyo Flash, which displays the time on spinning turbine blades when the wearer pulls a cord.  


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