Retro embrace ''boosts popularity of mechanical and digital watches''

First published: 23-02-2010

Even in this age of digital technology, old-school items are capturing a "certain coolness" among a certain demographic of shoppers looking for a retro thrill, according to a new report.

Eric Ruth, a syndicated columnist with the News Journal, revealed that timepieces are no exemption from this rule and show that if anything, it proves that wind-up or digital watches continue to be popular in the eyes of many.

He explained that technology may have made a wide variety of last-generation gadgets completely obsolete, though many purists sustain and revive a large number of markets that "appeared unquestionably dead" only a few months ago.

"In jewellery stores, intricate mechanical wristwatches, admittedly incapable of matching a quartz watch's precision, retain an allure that time should have erased", he added.

Eric Clapton's mechanical Rolex was recently detailed on Hodinkee following the announcement that it would go to auction, with the vintage timepiece dating back to the 1950s and showing retro chic - to the tune of £50,000, no less, and that was without the fact that Slow Hand used to own it.


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