'Remember budget' when buying watches

First published: 25-11-2011

When picking out a new timepiece, it could feel quite easy to opt for a very expensive product due to the world famous reputation of the brand or its fancy features.

While this is fine to do if you have the budget to match, it may not be such a good plan if you have limited funds to spend or are planning to purchase the timepiece as one of many presents this Christmas.

When picking out a watch as a present, James Impey, content writer at Watches.org.uk, explained that when choosing a watch as a gift, it is vital to keep a few points in mind.

He suggested considering if the person would like analogue or digital, metal, plastic or leather straps, or if they would want an expensive designer item or be more content with a more affordable design.

"Brand watches and designer watches can be more expensive, so make sure your gift stays within your budget. If you're choosing a men's watch or a ladies watch, there will be subtle differences such as size and functions," Mr Impey said.

He explained that to overcome this, it is a good idea to select a unisex timepiece or sports watch.

A benefit of these watches is that they are available in a range of colours and styles and will be perfect for those who live an active lifestyle to wear down to the gym or when doing outdoor activities, whether it be running, swimming or climbing.

Picking out a watch crafted by Casio could help some people to find the perfect timepiece for them.

American wholesaler InfiniteShopping.com recently highlighted how Casio timepieces are both attractive and practical, sporting a range of features and accessories. 


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