Rare clock bought by timepiece fan

First published: 10-11-2009

The news has recently been flooded with auctions of famous or high-end watches and other more portable timepieces, yet older-style offerings are still at the centre of many collectors' attention.

Such was the case with an extremely rare John Owen grandfather clock, which was under the hammer at Bonhams in Chester for watch fans to see near to the creator's home, the BBC reported.

Based in Llanrwst, the clock craftsman was seen as second only to his counterparts in London during the 18th century, with the auctioned timepiece being made around 1772 for the landlord of Mr Owen, one Peter Titley.

An unnamed private collector of clocks based in the country ended up paying out £10,500 for the clock, beating bids from around the globe.

Stevie Naismith, the star striker at Rangers, recently told the Sun that he has recently had a grandfather clock tattooed on his left bicep, with Walco, the informal name given to his own grandfather, written down the middle.


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