Rare E. Howard floor-standing clock set for auction

First published: 18-05-2009

A collection of 1,000 watches and clocks, some of which are highly collectible, will be going on public sale at a Fontaine's auction on May 30th and 31st in the US.

The centrepiece for this collectors' event is set to be the sale of the E. Howard model 61 astronomical regulator clock.

This will be the third time that Fontaine's bidders have seen such a lot, with a similar floor-standing model selling for $195,500 (£128,785) in June 2008.

John Fontaine, of Fontaine's auction gallery, said: "The one we're selling May 30th is the best of the three, without question."

Mr Fontaine added: "Bidders must be present to preview and bid in this session ... as the clocks are un-catalogued and being sold as is."

During the third session of the auction, taking place on May 31st, 250 pocket and wrist watches will go on sale, including a Rolex Tank wristwatch and a Waltham five-minute repeater pocket watch.

There has been plenty of success for watches in auctions of late, with a rare Patek Philippe timepiece last week selling for 1,935,800 Swiss Francs (£1,133,962).


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