Randy Jackson sports Curtis & Co. watches

First published: 26-01-2011

US music icon Randy Jackson has been spotted on American Idol sporting a range of attractive Curtis & Co. watches.

The judge of the hit talent show has worn at least three different timepieces from the brand – the Big Time World on Ice, the Big Time Air and the Big Time Air Diamond Set – Watch ID reported.

Each of these fashion watches have plenty of appeal to them, which allows them to stand out no matter the size of a consumer's television.

For example, the Big Time World on Ice has an elegant diamond-encrusted bezel, while the model which Jackson wore also displayed three time zone settings.

Meanwhile, the Big Time Air from Curtis & Co. comes with an eye-catching yellow dial and leather strap, with the Big Time Air Diamond highlighted by a wealth of gems across its design.

Curtis & Co. has plenty of unique designs in its collections, as well as being popular with such well-known names as Paris Hilton and ESPN presenter Stuart Scott.


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