Rafael Nadal sports new watch for French Open

First published: 01-06-2010

Rafael Nadal was sporting a new Swiss watch when on the court for the French Open last week, which has been specially designed for him to play with.

The Richard Mille timepiece designs may not be renowned for their rugged durability, like many Casio or Adidas watches for example, but the new addition to the Spaniard’s outfit was certainly not missed.

Wearing a watch while playing has proved controversial, with many commentators claiming that it can throw tennis players off balance.

This makes Nadal''s appearance on the tennis court wearing the timepiece, as opposed to just in the press conference, even more eye-catching.

Speaking to the Independent, the Watch Lounge editor Tom Mulraney was full of praise for the timepiece.

He said: "It''s large enough to be seen without being overbearing, and the all-black design and skeleton dial really are striking.

"I don''t really see him checking the time mid-game."

The watch is valued at $535,000 (£375,000), although only a select number of the lightweight timepieces will go on general sale to the public.


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