Quality of fashion watches 'more important than price'

First published: 10-02-2011

Men on the lookout for fashion watches are after a timepiece which guarantees quality and are not overly concerned by the price, according to an expert.

Stanley Morris, managing director at the MSS Watch Company, said that titanium wristwear with buckles made from the same material are currently proving very popular in the market.

Furthermore, slightly larger framed accessories with more modern designs are also on trend.

"I think the product is more important. If they like a watch then the price, within reason, is not too important.

People are aware of the quality ... and we are not noticing a drop-off in the number of customers," he added.

Mr Morris went on to say that the watch industry was expecting to do well this year, although it pays to be realistic and realise that things are not too rosy in the current economic climate.

Recently, AskMen.com stated that nice fashion watches should be saved for special occasions, rather than being worn all the time.


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