Police watches innovate with Younique campaign

First published: 10-05-2010

Police watches are on the hunt for the best talent in the country with the launch of a new strategy.

Known as BeYounique, the campaign is an international photographic competition which is in search of individuals who want to showcase their uniqueness.

The theme of the contest is unique moments, with participants encouraged to capture occasions they believe reflects this concept.

There are no strict rules, so participants have the opportunity to interpret the concept as they choose.

Anyone hoping to participate needs to make their entry by June 30th and the final decision will be made by the judges on July 31st.

A cash prize is on offer to the winner of the competition, with places two to ten being given a pair of Police sunglasses.

Andrea Garbolino, a 19-year-old architecture student, was named last year as the winner of Police''s face of 2010 competition.


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