Police watches growing in popularity

First published: 10-07-2009

Fashion brand Police has targeted one of its new sponsorship deals at outgoing and exceptional youngsters.

The label is now the proud sponsor of Italian Formula 2 driver Edoardo Piscopo.

Overalls, helmet and the car driven by the 21-year-old all feature the Police logo.

Piscopo is competing in the current championship, which is due to come to an end in November.

He will be given an opportunity to compete in the selection tests for Formula 1 if he is ranked as one of the best drivers at the end of the championship.

Piscopo currently lies in tenth place after the sixth round of the championship, on ten points.

The competition is currently being led by Andy Soucek of Spain, on 28 points, with little to separate drivers even at this stage of the season.

Meanwhile, Police gained some additional exposure earlier this summer, when it featured in a video for hip hop star Ironik's Tiny Dancer video.


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