Police watches 'emanate confidence'

First published: 25-06-2010

Wearers of Police watches are particularly confident and stylish, a website has suggested.

According to casualsonline.com.au, the designs are suited to men and women alike and are perfect for those who like to express their individuality.

"The brand strongly believes that personal style also strongly relates to your personality as opposed to purely being based on what you wear and your clothing and accessories," it explained.

Furthermore, the website believes that Police watches are extremely dynamic, with designs typically chunky and edgy, with a sense of sophistication.

Some come complete with black leather straps and stainless steel accents, while female designs have mother of pearl dials and diamante embellishments, it added.

Earlier this week, nigelohara.com said that Police watches are very responsive to the trends that are in vogue, with the watchmakers keen to give consumers exactly what they want from their jewellery.


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