Pocket watches used to create sculptures

First published: 27-09-2011

An artist has found a way of giving vintage pocket watches a new lease of life by adding tiny sculptures to them.

Dominic Wilcox has used old timepieces as the base for his design by adding miniature figures of people taking part in a variety of scenes.

The images from the Watch Sculptures: Moments in Time series include tiny creations of children playing hide and seek behind a tree, a group of circus acts balancing on each other's shoulders and two men having a conversation.

Each figure is balanced on the hands of the watch, which creates different scenes as the hands rotate.

However, as all the artworks are encased in a glass dome it may make them impractical to use as timepieces.

Watches can be put to use in a variety of ways, with a company in the US releasing a watch containing a GPS tracking device, which can be used by the families of people with Alzheimer's in order to monitor their location.  


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