Pocket watches 'making a resurgence'

First published: 15-09-2011

Pocket watches are making a comeback as a fashionable timepiece for many people, with some watchmakers creating new designs and innovations to bring the products into the 21st century.

Watch manufacturer Uwrek is making a new design, which City AM reported is surprising for a company which more frequently aligns itself with futuristic designs and developments.

The new product is named the Zeit Device Uber Complication and comes complete with a millennial indicator, as the watch has been developed to last for a thousand years.

Additionally, the PW1 from modern aviation watch manufacturers Bell & Ross has been crafted following inspiration from the timepieces used by pilots during the First World War to offer a retro-looking product with a modern mechanism.

A pocket watch recently scooped a prize at the Hong Kong Watch and Clock Design Competition, as the modern Wincy Horological 10.2 watch can be mounted on a strap and worn around the wrist.  


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