Pocket watches cast an eye on the past

First published: 19-08-2011

First developed in the 16th century, pocket watches have become something of a collector's item in recent years.

They were displaced after the Great War by wristwatches but that hasn't rendered them redundant in modern times.

People wishing to buy a Woodford pocket watch should note that the company's expertise dates back to 1860.

Its range varies from half and full hunter designs to classical pockets and twin lids.

They also make a wonderful gift for partners, collectors and significant others because they are simple to engrave which makes them very personal gifts.

Woodford's half hunter range includes gold plated engine designs, chrome plated pieces and antique effect styles that cast its appearance back to an era when the pocket watch was at its height.

The skeleton range is particularly striking as it creates almost a netted effect over the dial, exuding authenticity and desirability.

The pocket watch may have a long history but it is bound to have a promising future too.  


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