Phosphor releases World Time E Ink

First published: 09-11-2010

Phosphor watches has revealed a new timepiece for those hoping to purchase a digital product for a special someone this Christmas.

Called the Phosphor World Time E Ink, the digital watch stands out on the market thanks to a curved face display, as well as having the ability to read any timezone, according to Watch Report.

The screen has particularly caught the attention of reviewer James Stacey, as it uses an Electronic Paper Display, which offers a low-power yet high-contrast look.

He explained: "I found this display to be excellent, viewable at almost any angle and still very usable in low light."

Buyers will be able to choose from a range of modes to view on this original display, with the time of day and calendar or just the world time a couple of examples.

The Phosphor World Time E Ink is also practical in that it offers 50 metres of water resistance, meaning that the product can be shown off when going for a swim.


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