Perrelet reveals the Regulator Retrograde

First published: 11-10-2010

Watchmaker Perrelet has revealed a new timepiece which alters the way that users read the time.

Called the Regulator Retrograde, the watch face divides up the hours, minutes and seconds so that there are displayed in three different areas, Watch Luxus reports.

At the top of the display is a semi-circle which has 12 numbers running in a clockwise format from the nine o'clock position to the three o'clock location, with each number indicating the current hour.

Below this, at the six o'clock position, is a disc which will indicate the current minute, while a hand works its way around the entire watch face to tell the user the current second.

Another hand is then used to indicate the current date by using numbers which border the outside of the watch face.

Finishing off this peculiar timepiece is a choice of either a titanium or gold case, as well as an elegant leather strap.

Perrelet is no stranger to luxury watch designs, with its recently released Eve timepiece using a dial embellished with petal-like indicators, Watch Luxus has also reported.


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