People can 'make a style statement' with Police watches

First published: 14-12-2009

The Police watch brand never fails to impress those wanting to engage their peers with both style and fashion, according to a big lover of watches.

In a piece for the Shade Station blog, it was explained that Police watches have a distinct statement to make, ensuring that people who wear them remain both cool and timelessly unique.

The source also explained the company's Be Younique competition, where the organisation looked for a new face to follow the likes of David Beckham, Antonio Banderas and George Clooney in promoting Police watches, with Andrea Garbolino of Italy winning the crown and starring in next year's campaign.

Shade Station concluded: "Police watches are renowned for their dynamic good looks and unique sense of style. If you wear a Police watch you certainly mean business and are one of those people who don't have to try too hard to look stylish."

Memories of David Beckham were firmly in the minds of Premiership fans this weekend, after Manuel Figueroa, Wigan's left-back, scored a goal from behind the half-way line to mimic the England international's famous shot against Wimbledon in 1996.


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