People buying watches to 'imagine a fantasy'

First published: 11-08-2010

People no longer purchase watches to tell the time but to imagine being in a dream job or position.

This is according to Laura McCreddie and Jennie Middleton, who believe that a celebrity endorsement can encourage people to buy watches in the hope they can adorn the skills of their idols, Retail Jeweller has reported.

It is not just the famous that get people to buy a good watch, though. A range of Fortis watches are associated with space and the career of an astronaut and the brand first got associated with this area after some of its watches were trialled to find the most comfortable watch at zero-gravity back in 1992.

Citizen, which has made watches since 1918, has also recently teamed up with the Red Arrows acrobatic team to create a range of special edition watch collections.

Alan Mace, general manager of Citizen Watch UK, said that the watchmakers went for the partnership as the Red Arrows are iconic worldwide.

He said: "It relates to performance, skill and professionalism and all the attributes we want to be associated with."


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