Pawnbroker watches over huge lot of luxuries

First published: 19-11-2009

One man has been pictured living the high life, donning Rolex watches and standing proudly in front of a nice fleet of sports cars and even a small two-seater Cap 10 aerobatic stunt plane.

Yet this man has not got them for himself; no, Paul Aitken is a pawnbroker who has found it a bit easier to get hold of worthy goods, given the recession's effect on some of the higher earners in the UK.

The trader revealed that many big-wigs in the UK are losing their jobs, with bankers hit particularly hard.

Mr Aitken explained that when someone rang his company to pawn his Ferrari in, they all thought he was joking.

"This really shows how hard the recession has hit people," he continued. "Even those who are well-off have had to adjust their standard of living.

"Last week, a newly married man gave us his Rolex watch his wife bought him as a wedding present."

Mr Aitken is not the only pawnbroker doing well from the recession as H&T Group announced this week that the rising price of gold has seen many people trading with them, increasing their profits forecast for 2009 significantly.


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