Patek Philippe releases Nautilus 5712

First published: 13-12-2010

Patek Philippe has released a timepiece which may give watch fans a "rare pleasure" if worn, according to one reviewer.

The Watch Observer has awarded the Nautilus 5712 a respectable score of 76.5 out of 100, applauding a wealth of stylish features.

For starters, the watch's case, which measures in at a diameter of 40mm, is designed originally so that it looks like a mix between a square shape and a circular one.

Inside this steel case is a dial packed with plenty of pieces to read, such as a sub dial sitting between the three and five o'clock positions, which reads the current second.

A date and moon phase indicator neighbours this, between six and eight o'clock. Finally, moving around to the ten o'clock location reveals a power reserve indicator.

Patek Philippe, which has been manufacturing watches since 1839, finishes off the dial by using horizontal charcoal-grey guilloche, with "'sun satiny' treatment that allows amazing plays of lights", according to the news source.


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