Patek Philippe and TAG Heuer are 'great investments' for men

First published: 15-12-2009

Sometimes, it's worth shelling out quite a bit of money for that watch of choice, with one expert highlighting some of the better high-end offerings the market has to offer.

In addition to his applause for watches in yesterday's issue of the Guardian (December 14th), Jeremy Langmead - the editor of Esquire - highlighted two watches in particular which may be expensive, yet are still very much worth it.

The classic TAG Heuer Carrera was one of them, noting that the £1,000+ timepiece is one that is remarkably important in popular culture and sports an edge to it as well as a totally classic design.

Despite this, "both the watch's reliability - and its resale value - are assured" if you buy a Patek Philippe, Mr Langmead added, explaining that while prices start at around £10,000, that money will always remain with the person, even if it's on their wrist and not in their bank account.

TAG Heuer recently caused a storm by withdrawing some of its Tiger Woods-branded promotional material, though it has maintained that it is standing by him during his decision to resolve personal issues.


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